The Big Red Bit blog tells the story of our adventures exploring the vast continent of Australia.   Like many Australians, the interior of the country we live in was a mystery to us.  We had never travelled far away from the coast and inland to the red sands, the “big red bit” in the centre of Australia.   We had missed so much!

If you want to know what it’s like to sleep in the desert under the stars, walk Kings Canyon rim at dawn or drive the Gunbarrel Highway … read on.  You can come along with us without leaving the comfort of your home.

In 2014, our trip took us through the Flinders Ranges to the iconic town of Birdsville; we drove across the parallel sand dunes of the remote Simpson Desert, on to Alice Springs and north on the highway to the excitement of the Adelaide River Races.   Returning home we visited the big tourist sights, Uluru, Kata Tjuta and Kings Canyon, and veered off the beaten track onto the Gunbarrel Highway and to Oodnadatta before heading south over the rolling Adelaide Hills and home to the Otway Ranges.

Our 2015 destination is Cape York.  We travel to the northernmost tip of Australia.  

In 2017 we travel even further from our home in Victoria.   We visit Broome in the West and drive the Gibb River Road across the Kimberley.

Why don’t you join us on our adventures?

Deb and Richard

9 thoughts on “About

  1. Rona

    That’s wonderful Deb. I shall be watching your journey with interest and envy. Enjoy!!!

  2. Christine

    Wow, that’s some trip Deb! Will enjoy keeping up with your adventures. The big Red Bit looks amazing, look forward to seeing the pictures. One request…….please film Richards adventures with shower pod! Sounds hysterical! Love to you both. Xx

    1. Deb McSephney Post author

      Thanks Christine. Glad you can join us on the virtual adventure, wish you could be here for real. I’ll try to catch a short clip of Richard doing battle for you!

    1. Deb McSephney Post author

      Hi Nicky, I’m having to keep the homemade biscuits under lock and key on the trip. You’ll know why… Richard has form! Thanks for the good wishes xxx

  3. Christine Toft

    Hi Deb and Richard, love the narrative as Richard battled the sandy hills in the monster truck! Great picture celebrating his success, he looks rather pleased with himself. You’ve taken some wonderful pictures, such lovely clashes of colour. It must be an amazing sight and imagine the photographs don’t quite capture the magnificent grandeur of the scenery.

  4. dazzlerplus

    You’ve covered a lot of territory, but there’s still plenty left. And plenty of interesting people to meet! Good on you!
    Bobby Dazzler (aka Rob Brennan)


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