Here we go again…

Autumn draws to a close.  Winter is coming to the Otways and we are heading north.

Looking outside my window I see gold and red leaves on the Japanese Maple.   The garlic is planted, the apples harvested, the last of the tomato plants despatched.  It’s a fine clear autumn day in the Otways.   I feel the chill in the air as the sun drops down below the horizon.  Another log on the fire warms the room.   As the sun retreats and the days grow shorter and cooler, like migratory birds we feel the need to be on the move.

Travel plans are well advanced.  It’s time to wake up this sleepy blog.   Big Red Bit is off to Cape York in Far North Queensland.




7 thoughts on “Here we go again…

  1. Sylvia

    Looking forward to your blog with anticipation. Wishing all a safe and memorable adventure.

  2. Johnny

    Bon voyage. For goodness sake, please make sure that Richard packs some spare underpants this time. Your last trip must have been hell for everyone!

  3. Bill

    And here in the northern hemisphere spring is giving way to summer. While you’re despatching tomatoes we’re about to plant tomatoes and soon it will be time to harvest the garlic we planted last autumn. What an amazing planet will live on.

  4. gaiainaction

    Lovely blog, looking forward to read more. Thanks for checking out mine too 🙂


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