Springsure Show

We saw some memorable characters at the Springsure Show on our way to Airlie Beach.

Cattle lovers, we enjoyed admiring the beautiful bovines strutting their stuff in the ring.

Showing cattle

We watched the bulls being washed, combed and blow dried before their big moment.  What gentle giants.

Their handlers were dressed up too.  Pearls, earrings and perfect makeup for the girls leading these handsome beasts.

Springsure cattle

The cattle were mainly Brahman cross breeds, like  Charbray, a cross with Charolais,  and Brangus, a cross with Angus.

Big bull

We saw poultry of all shapes and sizes.

 Black red chook

A campfire cooking demonstration accompanied by cheeky poems rounded off the morning.   We now have the recipe for ginger beer pufferloons.  Yum, yum.


It was the 150th Springsure show.  150 years of history, of cattle, chooks and prize winning fruit cakes, the small Queensland town put on a day to remember.

1 thought on “Springsure Show

  1. Kathy Steenholdt

    Ginger beer pufferloons. Right up your alley, Deb. Sounds ( and looks) like a fun day was had by all.


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