A new journey

Guest author:  Richard McSephney

We’re peering into an empty water trough. Such is the life of a farmer. Animals, water, feed, fences, all to be thought about.  All need attention. Dates to be adhered to, deadlines not to be missed, but how much better could it be than here in the Otways? A warm 15C, clear blue sky and only a week to the shortest day of the year.

Well I’ll tell you:

“How about next Monday 08.30?” says Howard.

That’s how much better it just got. We’re off to the Gibb River Road in Western Australia.  A journey at the very top of my wish list and another adventure for the Big Red Bit travellers.

Possible showstoppers have now been resolved and our long talked about journey is back on the agenda…in a hurry.   You want weeks to set up, prepare and go? Not this time.

The Landcruisers are set and ready to go.  Just step in and turn the key! But this is not just popping up the road; this is a 4,000 km road trip to get to the start of our Gibb River Road adventure.  Let’s not even mention that we need to cross the Tanami Desert.   Apparently that’s a walk in the park, a 185,000 square kilometre park though, and 1000 km across but anyone can do it – so say those wiser than me.   All you need is common sense, a reliable car and all the usual precautions. The precautions you’d take for any trip to one of the remotest parts of Australia.

So Big Red Bit awakens again.

Only two cars depart damp Pennyroyal this time, another two are already wending their way across the Nullabor Desert to different destinations, but who knows, a wink, a wry smile. “We may see you somewhere in the West”.

I’m sure that means we probably will!

6 thoughts on “A new journey

  1. christine

    To my fellow adventurers, safe travelling and enjoy another adventure across less journeyed roads .
    Lots of Love always,
    Christine and Brett. xx

  2. Johnny

    Reliable cars are all very well but please don’t forget to take your lucky jim-jams. Bon voyage from England. xx

  3. Rose Nankervis

    (Just past are longest day.18c here, wind dropping and off to move the cattle to a fresh paddock .) Have a fantastic trip. Sounds just an amazing .

    Sent from my phone


  4. Michelle

    Have a wonderful time! I am very much looking forward to the next instalment in the Big Red Bit series!


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