Parting of the Ways

The sad day has come.  It’s time for the convoy to go its separate ways.  We say our goodbyes and look forward to meeting again to share tales of our adventures.

Blog readers, you are welcome to join me as I make my journey back to the Marsh via Katherine, Alice, Kings Canyon and Uluru. If you decide to leave me here, farewell and thank you for travelling with us.

3 thoughts on “Parting of the Ways

  1. Sally Barnett

    Sad for you Deb happy for me be ause l will see my friends soon as they head across to me in Qld .
    One awsome trip and not to be missed you still have so much to see and people to meet . The red centre the rock it’s amazing make sure you do valley of the winds walk at the Olga’s (kata juka) it is more amazing than the rock . The energy is really on out there . Kings cannon is great to do the walk of the cannon but if it’s hot leave early round 6ish and carry plenty of water with you you cook with the sun comming back off the rocks it it’s been wet there there are some amazing sites really good views and great memories there also .
    Can recommend the Glen Helen homestead or pub accomadtion camping ground food ok and really friendly place an loop out there from Alice to there then from there to kings cannon.
    Hope to do it with all you guys next year . Keep posting as lm loving it .
    Sally :):):):):):):):):


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