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The Wide Brown Land for Me?

I thought I’d share this powerful article with you. Anyone who has been into the red centre will understand what Bobby is saying here. The outback is like nowhere else on earth. It inspires awe and wonder, and for Australians – both indigenous and more recent settlers – a fierce pride.

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Uluru climbers

(This article was first published in Eremos magazine in February 2001.)

It is not uncommon to hear the comment from Australians who have visited the Outback – even from those of no particular religious bent – that it was in some way a spiritual experience. In particular, being in the vicinity of Uluru is often characterised as engendering a special feeling of a more or less religious kind. Having travelled extensively in Central Australia over the past thirty years, I can attest to having had these feelings frequently. Every time I see Uluru, I find it hard not to become tearful.

What should we make of these reactions?

I write this as a non-indigenous Australian. I use the words “we” and “us” to refer to me and my kind.

It could be dismissed as nothing more than Australians, particularly those who live in the cities, getting a bit emotional about…

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Parting of the Ways

The sad day has come.  It’s time for the convoy to go its separate ways.  We say our goodbyes and look forward to meeting again to share tales of our adventures.

Blog readers, you are welcome to join me as I make my journey back to the Marsh via Katherine, Alice, Kings Canyon and Uluru. If you decide to leave me here, farewell and thank you for travelling with us.


“Tracks” is now a movie

The book Tracks has been made into a movie.  I haven’t seen it yet, but I will try to before we go.

Here’s a link to an interview in The Guardian with Mia Wasikowska who plays the lead role as Robyn Davidson.   Robyn comes across as a formidable young woman in the book, so it must have been daunting for Mia to meet her when making the film.  It sounds as if Robyn has mellowed a little with age as she admits Mia does a reasonable job at acting as her twenty four year old self – despite having her doubts when they first met.

The photography in the movie is said to be stunning, so if you’re interested in what the big red bit looks like, it could be for you.  I suspect the desert is the real star in this one.

Have you seen it?  What did you think?